The Amani Junior Academy is privately run and was founded on 5th January 2009 by the local community. Its’ Director is Abdul Kibwana.

There are currently 3 fully trained teachers, who all have extensive teaching experience.

The Academy offers kindergarten classes for children aged up to 5, as well as years 1-8, and boasts a rapid growth from approximately 15 to 55 pupils in 2 short years.

All of the children, and their parents, who attend the Academy realise the importance of a good education to raise them out of poverty. They are fully committed to their education and have attained good grades in line with their peer groups.

The Academy’s motto is ‘knowledge is light’ and its’ aim is to provide quality education to all children, regardless of their background or religion.

The Academy relies solely on the payment of parents' fees to fund the running of the Academy, which includes the rent of the rooms, teacher’s salaries, water bills, exams and all office stationery.

Additional fundraising for the Academy takes the form of donations and is used to purchase text books, desks, and pay teachers salaries. The Academy relies heavily on the good will and charity of kind hearted people who donate to them, to be able to develop the Academy further for the benefit of the children.