Helping you meet your automatic enrolment obligations


We work with a wide variety of employers, helping to meet their automatic enrolment responsibility. 

There are a number of considerations, challenges and decisions that need to be made concerning automatic enrolment. Some businesses may want a helping hand, someone they can rely on to give guidance and support to ensure compliance. Some employers may already have a pension in place but are not sure whether it is a qualifying scheme.   If these scenarios sound like you, then contact Secondsight to see how we can help you meet your obligations.

The Secondsight approach
After working with more than 80 employers with a combined total of 10,000 employees on their automatic enrolment projects, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you successfully roll out your automatic enrolment plans.
We will work with you through the planning, implementation and communication stages of your automatic enrolment strategy, offering you practical help and tips along the way - we'll cut through the jargon to help you fully understand what you need to do to comply.


Enrolsme - Intelligent auto-enrolment
If you are a small business or a charity and you need help complying with your automatic enrolment obligations, our parent company Foster Denovo has developed Enrolsme.

If you are a small business owner who is looking to set up a workplace pension and auto-enrol your employees, in just a few minutes.

Enrolsme is a quick, simple, online workplace pension solution that helps ensure you’re compliant with UK auto-enrolment legislation. Visit to find out more.