Our fundraising efforts pay off

Secondsight regularly fundraise for good causes. Two of the good causes that are very close to our heart came about after Darren Laverty, Partner at Secondsight, visited Kenya.

He saw for himself the hardship families go through in order to send their children to school, something that we take for granted in the UK, and pledged to support two schools once he returned to the UK.

The Amani Junior Academy & the Showers of Blessings Academy provide education for 5 to 16 years olds in the region of Watamu, a two hours drive north of Mombasa, Kenya.

The schools provide an excellent level of education but pupils often lack the resources to buy basic items, such as textbooks, pencils and even desks.

To date, our fundraising efforts have helped the schools:

Amani Junior Academy
Our aim: to purchase 95 desks. Our biggest aim is to build a classroom!
Books: 0 delivered to date, as this is not their priority.
Desks: 59 classroom desks delivered to the school.

Showers of Blessings Academy

Our aim: to buy 1700 books.
Books: With your help the Secondsight team have delivered 828 new textbooks. To learn more, read the press release
Desks: 32 school classroom desks delivered to the school.