Workplace Financial Education

Financial education is more important than ever. There are so many areas that consumers need guidance on and yet many do not know where to start looking for the right support.


As a nation we are living longer and the need to make our savings last is ever more pressing.  Changes to taxation, pension rules, pension contribution limits; stock market uncertainty, low savings rates and some of the lowest mortgage rates ever seen are all fuelling the demand for help in understanding our money. 


It is, therefore, crucial that today’s adults have access to financial education, particularly in the workplace.


We have developed a three stage Workplace Financial Education Programme to help your employees to make informed financial decisions about their circumstances. We work with you to offer your employees access to financial education covering areas such as retirement planning, cash flow management, mortgages and estate planning.


For many, the introductory presentation and workshops provide enough information on the areas that are of interest. There will, however, be employees who wish to seek advice. We can employ a pre-agreed strategy to enable your employees to access financial advice, should they wish to from our specialist financial advisers [1].


If you’d like to know more about financial education, contact us today on 0330 332 7143* or click here to register for our white paper on workplace financial education.


Your pension and benefits challenge

On an annual basis, we conduct market research asking HR professionals, like you, to tell us what your pension and benefits challenges are for the coming year.   Since we began your peers have consistently identified the following areas as their biggest challenges:

  • How to improve employee engagement
  • The state of the economy and  budgetary constraints
  • Improving reward strategy and talent retention

To provide a benefits package that is competitive, yet cost effective, we’d argue it’s important to work with a trusted pension and benefits adviser.

All benefit solutions should be designed to deliver enhanced levels of employee engagement, increased levels of staff appreciation and maximum return on investment.

At Secondsight, we will work with you on the communication and delivery of creative and innovative benefit solutions to help meet your objectives and work within your budget constraints.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today on 0330 332 7143*.


The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice. 

[1] Should your employees wish to seek financial advice, there will be a fee involved. The precise amount will depend on their circumstances. We will advise of any fee before completing any chargeable work.

*Calls are charged at your standard landline rate