With last year being so challenging for many and the beginning of 2021 predicted to be much of the same, employee wellbeing has never been more crucial. And a discount portal is a simple way to help employees spend less and save more.

There are many benefits to offering your employees a discount portal, with the most obvious being the significant savings they could make. There’s also the positive impact it can have on their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. But there are many benefits for employers too. From improving employee retention as well as increasing productivity, they really can make a difference to your business. So, to ensure both you and your employees are getting the most from your discount portal, here are our top tips:

Ramp up your internal comms

For many employees, life is busy and remembering to check their discount portal can often slip their mind. It’s important to keep promoting what’s available and just how much money employees could be saving. Making your communications regular and timely is a great place to start. If a national holiday is coming up or people are planning their summer getaways, make sure you remind them of the discounts available. There is also many discounts which could benefit employees during lockdown; like money off online exercise classes or educational courses, both of which could make lockdown a bit easier for your employees as well as support their mental, physical and financial wellbeing.  Trying different types of communications may also help. Look at bold and colourful email designs, posters and presentations as these can often get the attention of employees. And don’t forget, as well as promoting the monetary benefits you should also try to promote the wellbeing benefits too!

Sell yourself

Quite often employers sell in their discount portal when recruiting a new employee, as this can be the difference between a great candidate joining your organisation, over your competitors. But those selling techniques can also be used to support employee retention. Reminding them of just how much value the discount portal can add, is a great way to boost take up and retain your best talent.

Go back to basics

There could be many reasons why employees don’t utilise their benefits and discount portal, but not knowing how to, shouldn’t be one of them. When employees start at an organisation they are usually briefed on all their benefits and how to access them, including their discount portal. But sometimes this can often be forgotten and employees who are months or even years into their employment still haven’t logged on because they simply cannot remember how to. Going back to basics with all your employees is a great way to get everyone engaged. You could simply send step by step guides or host group demonstrations to ensure your employees can access it all.


Most of the time employees are not aware of the savings they could be making. But sometimes all it takes is the right communication, at the right time and you could save them a small fortune.

Whether you’re looking at implementing a brand new employee discount portal or already have one in place, there are really cost-effective solutions that should be explored which could help you and your employees to make big savings. If you would like to find out more about it, speak to us today.

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Information correct as of 11/01/2021