Today is Pension Awareness Day and a date which highlights the importance of pensions and saving for the future.

This initiative was first set up 3 years ago and as the day has gained momentum, it is a great opportunity for employers to talk to their employees about their pension and retirement planning.

As a nation we are living longer, yet we’re saving less. With a recent government report highlighting that as many as 12 million people are simply not saving enough for their future.  And as an employer, you’re well positioned to help your employees break free of this statistic.

I’m sure that if you were to ask your employees, the word pensions would conjure up a lot of negative connotations; boring, dull, difficult to understand.  So just how can you engage your employees with pension and retirement saving?

Talk to them!

When discussing financial matters, including pensions, it is essential that you make it easy to understand and use plain English language.  Use multiple methods to deliver your message and keep it interesting for your employees.

We would suggest using a multi-channel approach and would advocate the use of face-to-face communication where possible.  But in this fast paced, digital world, we believe online communication and online tools such as video and animation also has a place.

But most importantly, it’s about running a series of regular communications at relevant times, such as Pension Awareness Day.  A one off message is just that and will have little impact. Planning and getting creative with your engagement strategy can make a real difference.

For years, this is what we’ve been doing.  Using every day, plain English language, making pensions easy to understand, engaging and fun.  And above all, helping people achieve the retirement they want.  We’ve even won awards for our pensions education and engagement strategies.

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