Here at Secondsight, we are passionate about providing exceptional services to all our clients. We want to ensure employers and their employees get the best possible employee benefits, workplace wellbeing and financial education advice and guidance.

Our Employee Benefits Advisers (EBA) are the ones delivering this on a daily basis. In this month’s ‘Get to know the Secondsight team’ we speak to Darren Cole, an EBA who has been with Secondsight for 4 and a half years.

Hi Darren, what does the role of an Employee Benefits Adviser include?

The main role of an EBA is to help employers and their employees to understand their company benefits. We cover lots of different subjects, but I mainly focus on pensions.

What does your day-to-day work at Secondsight entail?

I deliver very detailed financial education presentations/workshops for employees. I also give employees financial advice, focusing on their workplace pension schemes. Each day can be a bit different, but it always involves helping others gain a better understanding of their finances.

What led you to this career?

I absolutely love talking to people and I have always had an interest in finances. I wanted to know more so I focused on working within financial services and gaining further knowledge.

What does a good client experience mean to you?

It is all about making sure that you have an impact on someone. A good experience can take many forms but as long as you have left a lasting positive impression, it will be remembered and appreciated.

What would you say is the best advice you have ever been given and who was it from?

“We are all born and then we die but it is what you do in between that really matters.” This is a quote my dad told me many years ago. It helps to remind me that we all have 24hrs in a day and we should use that time for something good.

We know how hard you and all our other EBAs work, what’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

At the end of a long working day, I look forward to some fun time with my kids. They keep me feeling young, energetic and inquisitive.

Thanks Darren!

 Darren’s drive to help people improve their financial situations is what makes him an excellent EBA. His presentations leave employees feeling more knowledgeable and confident about making financial decisions.

To find out more about the types of employee benefits, workplace wellbeing and financial education services we offer, contact us today.

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