At Secondsight, we want to ensure all our clients get the best possible experience when working with us. And we believe our employees are at the heart of this. When employees are happy at work, it is reflected throughout the business and in the services they provide, resulting in an excellent client experience.

We want you to see our brilliant employees and find out more about what providing a great client experience means to them. This month, we are talking to Senior Client Experience Executive, Khush Keen. Khush has been at Secondsight for over 6 years and her main role is to manage some of our Group Risk clients.

Hi Khush, can you tell us more about your role at Secondsight? From when your day begins, to it finishing, what does it entail?

My days can be very different, but its direction depends on our clients’ priorities and queries. Usually, my main priority is to make sure renewals and reviews are happening on time. I also provide support to junior members of the team and I am involved with a lot of process changes within the team as well. My role is very varied!

What would you say is your favorite thing about working at Secondsight?

The people! The family feel you get from working here is lovely. You are known by name rather than number, which is refreshing compared to places I have worked at before.

What does a good client experience look like to you? 

Something which is effortless and clear. You should be left feeling like you are in good hands and can trust who you have just spoken to.

We couldn’t agree more! Now tell us a bit about you. What’s something, big or small, that you’re really good at?

I really enjoy cooking and think I have become quite good at it over the years.

2020 wasn’t quite the year we all expected, but what is one of your favorite memories from the past year?

Taking my kids to Chessington World of Adventures last summer. We spent a night there and they felt like it was the biggest treat as we had been in lockdown for so long. I have just learnt to appreciate the smallest things.

Thanks Khush!

As well as the excellent support Khush provides to our clients, the support she gives to other members of team is equally important. Without this, and all our other employees working together, we would not be able to give our clients a great experience.

To find out more about what client experience means to us, click here. Or, to find out more about Secondsight and how we can help you and your business, contact us today.

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