One of the first places to start when you are looking to improve your customer service is with your employees. Happy, engaged employees usually result in a better customer experience and a great way to achieve this is with employee benefits. Almost all organisations offer their employees some sort of benefits but do employees understand or appreciate them? How you communicate your employee benefits is key.

One person who knows this all too well, is Partner at Secondsight and Author of ‘COMMS: Moving your benefits story on’, Mark Bingham.

Mark has worked with many organisations to help them ensure employees fully understand their benefits packages and make the most of them; all whilst making sure employers are also seeing a ROI. Here is a bit more about Mark, what he does day to day and what he gets up to in his spare time.

Hi Mark, you are a Partner at Secondsight, what does a typical day in the office (or home office) look like for you?

I really get to mix things up! At the moment, I am usually on Zoom or Teams and it can sometimes be with employers or with the Secondsight Team.

What is one work-related accomplishment that you are really proud of?

It would be when we delivered a significant benefit change for one of our clients. The communication and feedback were both so good that between us we won four major awards for the project, including the coveted CIPD Best Employee Benefits Strategy Award.

Wow, that is such an excellent achievement. Your clients are obviously very important to you. How do you give them the best possible client experience?

I really listen to what they are saying about the dangers they are facing and the opportunities they want to capture. I also make sure that they understand where we can make the biggest difference with the least effort on their part.

What do you do outside of work for fun?

I love to travel and look forward to doing that again! At home I am a keen artist, play drums and like to enjoy a good bottle of White Burgundy with my wife Liz.

If you could click your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

I would like to be able to play the piano.

Thanks Mark!

Mark has been at Secondsight for over 20 years. He has a wealth of experience in the Employee Benefits sector and his knowledge and expertise has benefited many of his clients.

You can find out more about how Mark could help you improve your benefits communications by joining him at his next Round Table event ‘Revitalise your benefit comms’. Find out more about the book ‘COMMS: Moving your benefits story on’ here.

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Information corrects as of 19/02/21.