Looking after your employees’ wellbeing is a vital part of running a successful business. Whether your focus is on their mental, physical or financial wellbeing (or all three), happy and healthy employees is key to providing a great customer experience.

Our employees really care about our clients and the services that we offer them. One of our online solutions is an employee benefits and wellbeing portal, Mybenefitsatwork, designed to be a one stop shop to host all your company benefits as well as being a valuable source of information on general wellbeing. Hazel Mears, who manages the client services for the online portal, is a critical part to ensuring we meet and exceed all our customers’ needs. Here, Hazel talks about life in client services, what her role entails and what client experience means to her.

Hi Hazel, can you describe your role at Secondsight?

I work with new clients to implement the Mybenefitsatwork portal into their organisation. I also provide support to existing clients and maintain the system data which goes into generating the portals.

What does your job involve on a day to day basis?

My role is very varied. There are internal and external meetings, client queries, projects at varying stages, technical queries, design challenges, research, data maintenance, and much more! It’s a great mix of client support, project work and technical challenge.

What would you say you have you learnt from working at Secondsight?

I have learnt loads about employee benefits and financial management. I appreciate the importance of financial wellbeing a lot more since I started working at Secondsight and I know how valuable benefits are to employees.

You said you look after new and existing clients so what does a good client experience mean to you?

Taking the time to understand the clients’ needs/requirements and delivering a personal service for them. I also think caring about your work and having pride in what you deliver for clients adds to a good client experience.

It’s great to hear how you look after all our Mybenefitsatwork clients and what you have learnt working at Secondsight.  How about outside of the office, before Covid-19 restricted most of our travel plans, where would you say was the best place you’ve travelled to?

Yellowstone National Park in the USA. It’s a beautiful, varied and wild landscape. I went there in September 2015 and the big skies, geyser gazing and animals remain vivid in my memory.

And lastly, tell us one thing you’re really good at?

Being creative.

Thanks Hazel.

Like all of our employees at Secondsight, it’s clear that amongst all of the work Hazel does within the Mybenefitsatwork team, providing a great client experience is important to her.

To find out more about what client experience means to us, and how we can support your business, click here.


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