Personalising a client’s experience can be the difference between a good experience and a great one; and feedback plays a huge part in this.

At Secondsight, we continue to ask our clients and their employees for feedback on our services. We use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge our clients’ attitude to our services and measure how likely they’d be to recommend us to others. A score over +50 is deemed to be world-class and we are delighted our current NPS score is +67.

Paula Brazier, Head of Client Experience at Secondsight, is the driving force behind our great NPS score and excellent client testimonials. We wanted to find out what Paula gets up to on a day to basis and why she is so passionate about client experience.

Hi Paula, can you tell us what the role of Head of Client Experience includes?

My role includes a variety of tasks. I account manage many of Matthew Mitten’s and Darren Laverty’s clients and have built many great relationships. I provide technical support for many of the Secondsight Client Experience Executives and I am the feedback queen.

What does typical day look like for you?

I am lucky in that I don’t have a typical day; it depends on what is the highest priority. Clients always take priority in my world and client calls and queries usually take the lead. I may also be collating NPS figures, assisting people with technical queries and reviewing legislative changes. I also liaise with product providers to ensure clients get the best services and I am often researching new benefits, services, or client experience improvements.

That all sounds great, you really do have a varied role and with client experience right at the heart of it. What would you say the best thing is about your role at Secondsight?

The people! Also, the variety of work and the ability to grow yourself.

What does a good client experience mean to you?

Good client experience is the perception of each individual we come in to contact with, it is personal to them.

To me, good client experience is understanding this and going above and beyond to delight our clients.  It is also about taking responsibility and quickly rectifying issues if any arise.  By continually demonstrating this, we have some exceptionally strong relationships with our clients.

When you’re not looking after our clients, what can you be found doing?

Everyone who knows me knows my love is horses. I am a dressage rider, and this means I can be quite unsociable as the training is very hard and you must put in 100%. I also love scuba diving and normally get to dive once a year. I used to be terrified of water but got the bug and I am now a master scuba diver. I do love my food and wine too, which thankfully as my horse is tough to ride, means I get to work off all the lovely food I get to eat.

Thanks Paula. It’s clear your many talents do not end in the office!

Paula has been with Secondsight since the first day of business, just over 15 years ago. Our excellent NPS score is testament to the work both her and the team put in to ensure all our clients receive the best possible experience.

To find out more about what client experience means to us, and how we can support your business, click here.


Secondsight is a trading name of Foster Denovo Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Information correct as of 18/01/2021