Quite often HR professionals are looking for new ways to motivate and engage their employees. Whether it’s employee surveys, team meetings or organisation updates, these are unlikely to be effective without continuous everyday communication.

Ensuring you are delivering regular messages to your employees will help to maintain good employee engagement. As well as how often you put your messaging out there, it’s also important to remember how you deliver them. Not everyone digests information in the same way, so ensuring you use multiple communication methods is vital.

There are many reasons why effective communication can help improve your employee engagement. Here’s where we think it makes a difference, and why you may wish to get working on your comms right away.


When your employees receive regular business updates about how their work is making positive changes within the business, they feel part of the bigger picture. This ultimately leads to them feeling more engaged with the business and is likely to keep them there for longer. Not only is this good for your employee turnover rates, but it also sets an example to any new employees who come onboard too.


If employees are not focused or feel underappreciated, it can lead to a significant drop in their productivity. On the other hand, when employees are happy and engaged, their efficiency levels will remain high. Not only is this likely to have an impact on the rest of your employees, but it can also shine through to your clients.

Achieving goals

Regular communication ensures all your employees remain focused and aligned with their own objectives as well as the business goals. Employees like to know they are making a difference to the business, so make sure you tell them how.


Boosting employee morale may seem obvious when trying to improve employee engagement, but it’s sometimes overlooked. Quite often this can have the biggest impact across your business and doesn’t have to cost a penny.  Something as small as a ‘thank you’ at the end of the day or an email from line managers to show support at difficult times can make a big difference. Regularly checking in with your employees and ensuring their feeling ok and supported will help increase their engagement.


Your employees are at the forefront of your business, and as an employer you need to be able to trust them to deliver a good service to your clients. To ensure trust is valued at both ends, providing clear, concise and honest communications is really important. When your employees trust you, they will more likely be engaged with their work and deliver a better client experience.

There really is no reason why improving your communications won’t help to increase your employee engagement. And there are so many simple and effective ways this can be done.

If you are looking for a more digital approach to your communication methods, then our recent guide might be of help. Download 5 top tips to maximise employee engagement in a digital world, here.

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Information correct as of 15/04/2021