When an employee is engaged with your organisation, they have an emotional commitment towards the business which is demonstrated through their work and actions. This is not only beneficial for the employee but also for you as an employer too. Employees who are connected to their organisation are more likely to work harder and stay longer, which ultimately leads to a higher performing, more resilient organisation.

So, where do you start?

Before you can improve employee engagement, it’s important to get a better understanding of how your employees feel about what’s currently in place. One of the most accurate and efficient ways to gain understanding is with employee surveys.

Employee surveys serve many purposes as employees can submit feedback, allowing them to express their real opinions and help keep you on track. You can use this information to set benchmarks and see what impact they have on the business.

As well as surveys, there are other indicators to help you identify how engaged your employees are. Here are some to look out for.

If your employees show initiative, they are demonstrating their desire for the company to succeed and are determined to make every effort to play their part in the success of the company.

Employees who are able to give and receive positive feedback tend to feel more engaged.

Employees who regularly put in discretionary effort, such as working outside normal hours, completing projects ahead of time and showing attention to detail, are demonstrating their commitment to your organisation.

Those employees who help one another, even if they might not get any credit, and who work together on projects to improve the outcome, are usually more engaged and want to contribute to the overall success of the business.

Build relationships
Employees who take part in social activities such as employee parties, team lunches or virtual after work drinks, are showing a vested interest in being part of your overall community and demonstrating their desire to be with you longer term.

There are many ways to ensure your employees are engaged with your organisation. Giving your employees a chance to make their voices heard can lead to more positive behaviours and improve overall engagement. If you are looking at more ways to engage your workforce but are unsure on where to start, download our latest eBook 5 top tips to maximise employee engagement in a digital world.

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Information correct as of 09/06/2021