It’s fair to say, that without good communication, no matter what size, or type of business you are, you may struggle. Employee motivation and productivity is likely to be low, expectations may not be met, and staff turnover could be higher. And the same goes for your communication of your employee benefits package. The smallest changes to the way you communicate your benefits can lead to better take up, improved employee engagement and moral, and ultimately a better bottom line.

There are many ways you can effectively communicate your benefits packages, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Keep communicating your benefits

It sounds obvious but according to recent statistic from Canada life, 20% of employees received information about their benefits and perks when they first joined their organisation, but have not received any communications since then1. Regular reminders of what benefits are available will increase take up and start to build employee engagement.


Not everyone will fully understand what some of their benefits are. Income protection, critical illness cover or retirement benefits, to name just a few, can all be overwhelming and confusing. Educating employees on the types of benefits you offer, and what they include, can increase the value of your employee benefits and improve satisfaction levels.

Ask for feedback

There are many ways of communicating your benefits package, but how do you know the best way for your employees? Asking your staff for feedback will give you an insight into what they take notice of, ignore and action. So, whether you choose email, text, online or in person, make sure its right for your business.

Start at the top

Management is great place to start when communicating your benefits package. Who better to help you promote your benefits than the direct lines into your employees? Ensuring your management team understand the benefits on offer and the improvements they will see in their team when benefits are successfully implemented, will have a positive impact on the whole business.

There are lots of reasons why communicating your benefits package is important and plenty of ways to effectively do just that. Partner at Secondsight and now Author, Mark Bingham, has written a book, COMMS:Moving Your Benefits Story On, which provides practical hints and solutions, along with successful tips to help you maximise engagement with the benefits in your workplace. You can find out more here.