The way in which we communicate to our employees is constantly changing. Digital communication is becoming increasingly popular and, now more than ever, employers should be utilising it to motivate employees and improve engagement levels.

From online calls and video conferencing through to team chats and even collaborative working, there are many options available. But what about using social media to reach out to your employees?

With many of your employees already active on social media and regularly using sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others too, it can be a highly successful employee engagement tool. Social media can be used as a platform to support open, honest communication, empowering your people and enhancing employee advocacy.

If you are thinking about using social media to communicate to your employees, here are a few points to consider before you start:

Provide the necessary tools and support

Don’t expect all of your employees to jump into social media without the right training, as not everyone will know how it works. Make sure your employees know who to talk to for any advice or to answer any questions as this will ensure they have the support they may need. It’s also worth having a social media policy in place for employees to refer to. This can be a great resource for new employees and a reminder for existing ones too.

Set realistic expectations right from the beginning

There’s no point assuming your employees will know what you want to achieve from social media so share your goals and expectations to gain maximum results.

Encourage collaborative thinking via social media

Start conversations on key areas within your business and get your employees’ thoughts and ideas. There is no better way to enhance employee engagement than by implementing their ideas within the business.

Knowing when to take it offline is key for both you and your employees

Sensitive issues or confidential information should be handled in the correct way and according to your HR policy.

Find what works for you

Make sure you try different channels including LinkedIn groups, Facebook communities and internal tools like Yammer. Understand how your workforce want to connect and use the tool that best suits your audience.

With the right strategy in place there is an opportunity for employers to enhance their employee engagement with social media. However, don’t worry if social media isn’t right for your oganisation. There is no one size fits all approach and what is right for some businesses may not be right for others. It is important to embrace digital technology, in a way that benefits both you and your employees. To find out more, download a free copy of our ebook ‘5 top tips to maximise employee engagement in a digital world’. Or, to find out more about how Secondsight can help with your employee comms, contact us here.

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Information correct as of 09/09/2021