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Group risk and healthcare benefits provide a way of reinforcing the message that you care about your employees’ wellbeing, whilst allowing you to manage the risks associated with employing people.  And, as these benefits can be offered as a core benefit, or as a voluntary benefit to employees, they are a cost effective option when it comes to your overall benefits offering.

We work with well-known insurers to support wellbeing in the workplace reviewing and recommending group risk and healthcare solutions for over 340 employers, often negotiating better rates or improved cover on:

  • life assurance;
  • income protection;
  • critical illness cover;
  • private medical insurance;
  • cash plans;
  • dental cover;
  • mental health first aid courses; and
  • employee assistance programmes.


A well workforce; what does it look like and how can I achieve it?


Small Schemes Arrangement

Many smaller businesses often believe they cannot afford to offer the benefits they want to, but we don’t want company size to be a barrier to achieving a competitive benefits package.  This is why we are offering a cost effective group risk solution for smaller employers – those with less than 100 employees.

We have partnered with two leading group risk providers to offer employers access to a number of group risk benefits, including; group life assurance, group income protection and group critical illness cover.

The small schemes arrangement is an individual arrangement for your company, but offers improved terms by pooling all of these smaller arrangements, into one overall block scheme – offering even better value for money


SWAN is our online software platform that helps eliminate the challenges employers face managing their group risk policies, employee membership data, renewals, claims and benefits spend.

The system allows you to securely upload and administer your data as often as you choose, and not just on an annual basis.  This results in an additional level of liability protection along with self-administered trigger points, as the system can flag potential issues.

SWAN is included as part of our clients group risk and healthcare service agreement at no additional cost.


To find out more, or to review any aspect of your benefits package, please contact us for an initial discussion.

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