The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of many people; mentally, socially and financially. Now, as employees start returning to their workplaces and with the furlough scheme coming to an end in September, it’s time for organisations to assess their next steps, which may include creating new roles and making other roles redundant. In any case, both employers and employees will need to be flexible and resilient as they face a new challenge.

As an employer, it’s important that you support your employees’ wellbeing throughout their lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding through to development, retention and exit, even more so during unprecedented times like these. To help you with this, leading industry experts Secondsight, Rightsteps, Johnston Carmichael and The CV and Interview Advisors are hosting a brand new webinar entitled ‘Building a resilient workforce during uncertain times and beyond’. The session will cover:

  • how to support your employees post pandemic and build a happier workforce;
  • how to apply your wellbeing solutions to the employee lifecycle;
  • what employers can do to make a big impact on their employees’ financial wellbeing;
  • how employers can assist their employees with any personal debt related issues they may have;
  • why outplacement is important; and
  • why many career transition programmes fail to give people the tools they need to secure a new job.

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