We are delighted to announce the return of our most popular online event.  Financial Fitness Fridays!

You and your employees are invited to join us on 1st December at 9.30am for an Autumn special where will be giving your employees a financial workout.  

Get ready to break a sweat – both mentally and physically as we unravel the Autumn Statement, navigate the current investment market, and hear our expert discuss what’s happening in the mortgage market.  

Host: Darren Laverty, Financial Wellbeing Specialist and Partner at Secondsight.  

Guest Speaker: Colette Pienaar, Partner at Foster Denovo and Wealth & Wellness Coach.  

Guest Speaker: Jamie Smith, Financial Adviser and Partner at Foster Denovo.  

Financial Fitness Fridays is here to make finance a tad less complicated and a lot more fun for your employees.

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