The Workplace Financial Wellbeing LinkedIn Group is holding a series of financial wellbeing webinars.

How to create an effective workplace financial wellbeing strategy

In this slightly longer tutorial, you will come away with tools and strategies to construct a financial wellbeing strategy for your specific unique workforce and ensure that you can make the biggest positive difference in the quickest time and at the most cost effective way. This tutorial is simply one not to be missed if you truly want to improve the financial wellbeing of your employees. If you do nothing else, jump on this one!

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How to run an effective workplace financial education programme

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An effective workplace financial education programme must be a) promoted properly b) delivered in a way that employees enjoy the process c) it must be strategic and d) action producing, otherwise it is just a waste of time and effort. Taken from the book: ‘Make their money count’ the author Darren Laverty will share with you 5 years of experience and lessons having trialled financial education across some of the UKs most impressive employers. These experiences have been summarised in the book and also now within this tutorial. (Allow some extra time for the Q&A session at the end)

How to strategically identify where the financial stress lies within your organisation

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When asked “where does the highest level of financial stress sit within your organisation?” most employers cannot answer the question. Their financial wellbeing strategy is then often left to guesswork, fails to gain momentum and lacks management buy in. This short tutorial will solve all of those problems and help employers to strategically pinpoint exactly where they need to focus their attention first.

Workplace financial wellbeing – The 5 biggest mistakes made by employers and how to avoid them

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Financial wellbeing is new to most employers and there so many ‘having a go at it’ and making mistakes. Mistakes can worsen the financial wellbeing of a workforce, therefore to be fully aware of the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them, you will see a stronger ROI and improve the wellbeing of the workforce quicker and deeper.

10 ways to create budget for a workplace financial wellbeing strategy

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Budgets in this area have always been tight, and recent events have made them tighter at a time when employees need as much support as possible. This tutorial will walk you through 10 great ideas that you can implement straight away to create budget for your financial wellbeing strategy, help build the business case and get you started on your employee financial wellbeing journey.

The foundations of financial wellbeing: how to transform your employee benefits into a financial wellbeing platform

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For years, many employers have felt dissatisfied with the level of employee appreciation of their employee benefits. Now more than ever it is important to ensure that your financial wellbeing strategy sits upon the strong foundations of your financial employee benefits. This tutorial will show you how to review your financial employee benefits from a truly unique perspective. This is not a typical cost, governance, admin, unit price or performance review. It will surprise you and will give you an inside out perspective of the positive and negative impact of your employee benefits and the financial wellbeing of your employees. A must for all employee benefits professionals.

The official definition of financial wellbeing – an employer’s guide

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How can you hit a target that you haven’t even set one? Just knowing clearly what good financial wellbeing looks like will help employers make better decisions going forward, design their financial wellbeing interventions more precisely and have a more positive impact on the lives of their employees.

5 financial planning opportunities in a financial crisis

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A short morale boosting session that will help reduce financial stress, get out of debt faster, create more resilient employees and help them take control of their finances now and for the long term.

How to identify exactly what employees want with financial wellbeing

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Employees need help to truly appreciate and understand what areas of finance they want to improve, learn about or solve. This tutorial will help you find out exactly what they WANT, in the context of their own lives and families, so you know the optimum way to utilise any financial wellbeing budget and see a significant ROI.

5 top tips to take control of your finances

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This quick fire and simple to understand action producing tutorial, will provide the tools and motivation to help anybody take control of their finances now and for the future. The ideas are new to most people but are so simple, that anybody can benefit and create positive habits that will change their life forever.

Keep calm and carry on: An investment market update

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The recent market turbulence has been a worry for many investors and also employees with pension pots. To avoid any detrimental reactions, this tutorial is designed to provide comfort and clarity as to what people should or should not be doing right now, much of which is actually counter intuitive. Delivered by an investment expert but in a simple plain English style, this is a must for anybody with a pension pot or who wants to feel less anxious.


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