Workplace Financial Wellbeing: Insights from consultations with 300+ companies

Darren will share his experiences of consulting 300+ employers and delve into the realities behind workplace financial wellbeing.

He will show real extent of the financial wellbeing challenges people are facing, what measures are working to improve things, but also what’s not working and why many employers are simply wasting time and effort to very little positive effect.

Darren pulls no punches so that you can shortcut yourself to success.

You will learn:

  • The 7 key mistakes made by most of the 300 companies.
  • The 2 critical distinctions they were being kept unaware of.
  • Tackling the 1 primary mistake that eclipses everything else.
  • Their current efforts to bridge the gap and make up for lost time.
  • A useful gift to propel you in the right direction fast

The Workplace Financial Wellbeing Insights webinar will last approximately 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for Q&A.

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Thursday 28th March 10am

Presented by Darren Laverty, our Workplace Financial Wellbeing Strategist.

For further information and resources regarding workplace financial wellbeing, visit: Workplace Financial Wellbeing

Connect with Darren on LinkedIn here: Darren Laverty