Kier Group has placed a great deal of focus on financial education and wellbeing in the past year. The reward team has worked innovatively to leverage the support it gets from its existing suppliers; YBS Share Plans, which administers Kier Group’s sharesave and share incentive plan (Sip), and Secondsight, which has been working closely with the employer on addressing the financial education needs of employees and engage them with their share plans.

Jonathan Sturman, governance manager, public sector pensions and share schemes at Kier, says: “When we launched our sharesave [scheme] in the autumn of last year, we launched it in conjunction with Secondsight’s education piece. Employees can click through the Kier website to the Secondsight website, which has various videos and modellers on how sharesave works. One of the things we find is that it’s often difficult to explain to employees when it’s not face-to-face how these schemes work, so that got really good engagement with people visiting the site.”

The organisation is due to relaunch its Sip in a few months’ time, when it will carry out similar financial education for employees using videos and modelling tools.

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