Adopting customer satisfaction metrics can help advisers gauge the quality of service they offer their clients.
Paula Brazier, head of client experience for Foster Denovo and Secondsight shares how the firm uses two metrics to gauge consumer attitudes to their services.

The first, the net promoter score (NPS), uses an index, ranging from minus 100 to 100, to measure how likely clients are to recommend a company to friends or colleagues.

The second metric is the customer effort score (CES), which it designed to gauge the effort it took to complete an action, transaction or process.

Ms Brazier said: “The business really embraced NPS and we now embed it in almost all of our client touch points. But I felt it important to know not only if a client would recommend us, but whether they found the experience of dealing with us easy.

“We can confidently say that 84 per cent of people surveyed stated that they found their experience with us effortless.”

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