Leading employee benefits and wellbeing expert Secondsight, has launched a new digital platform aimed at helping employers to support staff whose roles have been made redundant.

The coronavirus crisis continues to take its toll on huge swathes of business across the country, while the government furlough support scheme is closing at the end of October. As such it is unfortunately likely that many more people could still lose their livelihoods as the economic toll of the crisis continues.

With that in mind, employee benefits specialist Secondsight has brought together resources from four leading industry experts to help businesses support staff going through the process of redundancy.

Offered through its online portal, Mybenefitsatwork, the digital platform offers redundant staff members a step-by-step guide to facing emotional distress and financial uncertainty as well as guidance on improving their employability as they look to re-enter the job market.

Designed in a modular fashion, employees can access support from nine different units including looking after their mental health, guidance on confirming redundancy pay, managing debt and marketing themselves to new employers.

  • Resources and content across the portal will be provided by four leading industry experts in the below areas:
  • CV writing and interview coaching; by the UK’s leading professional CV writing and interview coaching provider, The CV & Interview Advisors
  • Debt management support; by one of the top 10 accountancy firms in the UK, Johnston Carmichael
  • Financial wellbeing; by the multi-award-winning firm of financial advisers, Foster Denovo
  • Mental wellbeing; by the employee health and wellbeing experts, Rightsteps

Commenting on the launch, Ian Bird, Director of Business Development at Secondsight said: “As coronavirus has left many companies facing an uncertain future, employers are having to take the difficult decision to make redundancies.

“With the furlough scheme coming to an end, the number of those decisions will unfortunately only increase. This is not a choice that companies make lightly, and many will want to support their staff as best they can through the process.

“We have worked with four fantastic organisations to provide businesses the opportunity to give their staff as much help as possible through the aftermath of redundancy, all the way to them re-entering the job market.

“It was important to us that, as well as practical advice around managing finances and improving employability when looking for a new job, it also supported people through the emotional and mental stress they might be feeling. Employers concerned about the wellbeing of their staff can provide these tools to assist them through the uncertainty they may find themselves in.”

Matt Craven, Managing Director at The CV & Interview Advisors said: “The CV & Interview Advisors are delighted to be involved with the Secondsight redundancy portal. Helping people succeed in the job market is what we are passionate about and this initiative provides an incredibly useful set of resources and toolkits to help people navigate through these difficult times”.

Dave Lewis, Principal at Rightsteps said: “Going through redundancy has never been more challenging for those affected. Having access to expert psychological support from Rightsteps alongside the financial, debt and employability guidance from leading industry professionals, all in one place and easily accessible, gives individuals the opportunity to learn really useful strategies that can help them cope with the challenges they face and understand where to go for more support and guidance.”

Jenn Stewart, Director and Head of the Money Advice Solutions team at Johnston Carmichael said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our insight to this important platform and help support businesses who have staff facing redundancies. Money can often be a huge source of stress and worry, especially where future income is uncertain; and unexpected events such as redundancy can cause personal debt to spiral out of control very quickly. Seeking financial help when you feel overwhelmed is so important and our team of experts work with people day in day out who are facing similar issues. When it comes to debt, a problem shared really is a problem halved, and as with anything, the earlier you act the greater your options.”

To request a demonstration of the redundancy portal, please click here.