Uncertainty and the unknowns of the economic, political and social spheres have been the concern of firms for some time. However, the support, and potentially the protection, of employees in uncertain times is often forgotten and rarely thought of.


Financial Resilience and Education

Mergers and acquisitions, financial crashes and personal issues all relate to uncertainty. Ian Bird, Secondsight Director, says “[It is] about being robust financially and able to cope with whatever the change is. [Employers could] run education on making the most of finances, teaching people about APRs and credit scores, and having an emergency fund to fall back on.”

Brexit stands out as the most obvious form of uncertainty in the current economic climate. However, surveys show that some 45% of financial firms surveyed have not communicated to their employees on the topic of Brexit and its implications. More can be done. 

Communication, understanding employee concerns and focusing on mental wellbeing all go someway to supporting employees through change and uncertainty, hence aiding in the often unavoidable difficulties that can be caused.

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