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Our powerful employee benefits and engagement portal, Mybenefitsatwork, was created to help your people understand the value of their benefits, making them feel appreciated and happy. Whilst it can certainly be used on its own, the portal is also perfectly placed to complement a more comprehensive face-to-face employee engagement or financial education programme.

Using everyday language to explain complex matters in a way that’s straight forward and engaging, the portal not only features a range of informative pages on each benefit provided but it also hosts:

  • an exclusive financial wellbeing hub to empower your people to take control of their money;
  • a total reward statement tool to help employees to appreciate the true value of their benefits;
  • a pension calculator where employees can forecast how much they are on track to retire on;
  • a financial wellbeing assessment to help your people understand where they are with their finances;
  • a dedicated financial concierge service so employees can talk to somebody about their financial needs and requirements;
  • a bi-monthly newsletter to keep your people up to date on financial matters; and
  • for specific clients, a share plan module; so employees can make an informed decision on whether they should join the plan and which one is right for them.

Modular to suit your needs

Whether you need a complete solution to showcase your benefits and support your people’s wellbeing or just a cost-effective and engaging way to promote your share plan scheme, Mybenefitsatwork can work for you. The system is completely modular, so you can pick and choose the relevant sections to suit your people’s needs.

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