Pensions have a long history in the UK and go back decades. However, the pensions we know today are significantly different to those over a century ago, with many changes having been implemented over this time. These include the launch of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS), introduction of the Pensions Regulator, and what was probably the biggest initiative, automatic enrolment.

And, the pension landscape is continuing to change. With a recent focus from world leaders, experts and celebrities on improving the world we live in, the industry is having to make big decisions on how it can do more for pension savers and the planet.

That’s why we conducted some research to find out people’s opinions of the current climate change crisis, whether they know and understand what ESG is and what respondents know about ESG when it comes to their pension. From our research we have created a white paper which is vital for employers to understand how they can better support their employees with their workplace pension, how demographics can affect investment decisions and what additional resources are needed to help better the planet through sustainable pensions.

Download your copy below: