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We are passionate about educating and advising people. We want to create greater financial certainty for your people. The most effective way is face to face, whether this is in person, one-to-one or at a seminar or tutorial. This can be completed using technology, such as webinars, WebXs, or our online portal Mybenefitsatwork which uses animations and videos to communicate. We’ve worked with thousands of employees, educating them through our workplace financial education programme. We’re also well positioned to provide financial advice, on retirement planning, as well all other aspects of financial planning. And this can be for all of your people or to a select group, such as your more valued members of staff.

How we work

After listening and discussing your goals and ambitions, we’d tailor our approach to you and your people, taking into consideration your objectives, the diversity of your workforce and your geographical locations. We’d agree, and work with you on the look and feel and how it would be delivered. We gather feedback at every opportunity to ensure we are meeting your objectives and your employees’ needs.



How to run a successful financial education programme


From workplace financial education to individual financial advice, we can help your people make their finances, and their employee benefits, work for them. We give them the knowledge to make confident financial decisions.

Increasingly, more employers want to make sure their people understand their finances, their employee benefits and the role these benefits play in their finances. By introducing broader financial education as part of the employee wellbeing strategy, employers understand that financial wellness is more than just retirement planning and pensions.

More employers than ever now offer financial education, 59% according to our latest research, although what they think is education and how we would define it, are possibly two different things.  But fundamentally, those that offer financial education see the benefits to the business of increasing the financial knowledge of their people.  It empowers them to make confident decisions and improve their future financial certainty.  Money is one of the most stressful issues for people, so helping your employees deal with their money matters should lead to a less stressed and more productive workforce. You, as an employer, should see more engaged and loyal staff.

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